What an 82-year-old man taught me about ‘lifelong learning’ in 2018

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I used to work at this little liberal-arts college in Wisconsin called Ripon College. Great little school with awesome people. One of their most-used phrases when talking about the value of a liberal education was that it supposedly engendered “lifelong learning” as a value. I’d really drank the Kool-Aid there so that sounded really nifty […]

Reality Check #2: The Launch

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Today marks the official launch of The Perfect Generation. But it’s not just the launch of a book—it’s what I hope to be the launch of a long and successful career as an author. The process of writing this book was both similar to, and different from, the experience of preparing to launch it. Let me […]

‘Darkest Hour’ is a movie about words, and that makes me sad

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“He just mobilized the English language and sent it to war.” So says a rueful Viscount Halifax moments before the credits roll in Darkest Hour, an account of Winston Churchill’s installation as prime minister and the fraught initial weeks of his administration leading up to the events depicted in Dunkirk. Halifax meant that, at that moment, Churchill […]

Reality check #1: Kindle Scout

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On December 9, 2017, I uploaded The Perfect Generation to Kindle Scout, basically a popularity contest to try and get a legit publishing contract through Amazon’s Kindle Press publishing arm. I read enough blog posts from authors who had gone through Scout to know that it was more good than bad. Plus, it would give me […]

The Perfect Generation is done!

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To this point, how writing has worked for me is that I get an idea stuck in my head. Like songs, they’re sticky. Many times, they start very insistently and eventually ebb away, apparently to find someone else’s brain to inhabit. But sometimes they don’t go away, and the only way to get them out […]

The catalog so far

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I’ve written a lot of stuff. I’ve been a pantser (seat of my pants, vs. a plotter) to this point, though, so most of it is junk. This is where I’m at: 8 screenplays, multiple complete revisions each (unproduced, natch) 2 completed novels 2 novels in progress a few short stories tons of ideas It’s […]