That time I learned I shouldn’t do better at things I like

Many moons ago, I worked for a Fortune 50 company. One of the two most odious managers I’ve ever worked with decided on day one that he didn’t like me, and the feeling was quite mutual. Let’s call him Barney. One day, during a performance review, Barney’s brow furrowed disapprovingly. He said, “Now, Cody, I’ve […]

‘Darkest Hour’ is a movie about words, and that makes me sad

“He just mobilized the English language and sent it to war.” So says a rueful Viscount Halifax moments before the credits roll in Darkest Hour, an account of Winston Churchill’s installation as prime minister and the fraught initial weeks of his administration leading up to the events depicted in Dunkirk. Halifax meant that, at that moment, Churchill […]

Reality check #1: Kindle Scout

On December 9, 2017, I uploaded The Perfect Generation to Kindle Scout, basically a popularity contest to try and get a legit publishing contract through Amazon’s Kindle Press publishing arm. I read enough blog posts from authors who had gone through Scout to know that it was more good than bad. Plus, it would give me […]

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