They’re heeere …

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On the mildly traumatic experience of reading my unofficial first novel

Many years ago, I wrote screenplays. This was while there was an actual spec script market in Hollywood, and at the time I had a mentor of sorts who reinforced that prospect. So I wrote. A lot. And as you might expect, it was sort of bad. The last script I finished was about a […]

Reality Check #2: The Launch

Today marks the official launch of The Perfect Generation. But it’s not just the launch of a book—it’s what I hope to be the launch of a long and successful career as an author. The process of writing this book was both similar to, and different from, the experience of preparing to launch it. Let me […]

That time I learned I shouldn’t do better at things I like

Many moons ago, I worked for a Fortune 50 company. One of the two most odious managers I’ve ever worked with decided on day one that he didn’t like me, and the feeling was quite mutual. Let’s call him Barney. One day, during a performance review, Barney’s brow furrowed disapprovingly. He said, “Now, Cody, I’ve […]

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